Thank you for checking out my site. I’m Brad, and Outrageous Outfits is my dream.

I love superheroes, and ever since my first pair of Superman under-roos. I’ve loved to dress up.  When I was a kid, I cut up my bed sheets to make capes for all my stuffed animals.  My mom, of course, was angry but my awesome Grandmother started to give me scraps of fabric and taught me to sew on her old 1950’s singer sewing machine.

By high school I was making full on superhero costumes out of sweatsuits at first, then I started to master spandex.  In college I was making costumes for classmates for Halloween, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Renaissance Festival, S.C.A., and Comic Conventions.  I earned my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and always thought I’d be a Graphic Artist, but I never lost my passion for sewing; family and friends always asked me why I didn’t just do the sewing full time.

When I met my partner (who loves comics and Halloween as much as I do), I really got into it and started mastering the craft. I’ve made hundreds of costumes, though sadly, never thought to get good pictures of them until recently, and a few years ago started sewing professionally as a seasonal job.

These days I’m proud to make the move to fulltime year-round costume-making Guru! We have made many awesome friends and have enjoyed many costumed adventures all over the country.

Thank you, and have Fun!
Brad West,
 Outrageous Outfits
Austin, TX